The State of Colorado Sports

I was thinking about the state of Colorado sports and all the intricacies within the major 4 sports teams. And all I can really say is… What a dumpster fire. Yes that dumpster fire can change to just a dumpster with a few tweaks, but will those tweaks be worked out? Here’s a quick rundown of where each of the teams are currently at in their respective sports.

Denver Broncos

We will start with the Broncos because this cities coverage is all based around the Broncos, and they are currently in the offseason. Last season was thought to be a year of Drew Lock either defining himself as the franchise’s answer at QB, or knowing that he isn’t the guy. Did that question get answered?

Now we start this offseason with Deshaun Watson rumors. The Broncos and Jets have both been named as a potential destination for the man down in H-Town. Kareem Jackson has supposedly been in cahoots with Watson and floating some promising hope that the Broncos may be able to land Deshaun. I for one, will not get my hopes up. I think the Jets have a better package to put together, and playing against Patrick Mahomes twice a year can’t be enticing for someone who wants to compete. Or maybe it is? Playing the best team twice gives you a good indication on where you stand as a team.

I don’t know… I don’t have Deshaun on speed dial. I am just thinking out loud here. What if he wants to play in the AFC East rather than the West? What if the Broncos have to give up the starting QB in order to make the trade happen? Obviously you do it. But does Houston? Just some things to think about.

So that is the current state of the Broncos. There is a lot of uncertainty, but once Deshaun decides, the water becomes clearer. Pray to the lord that he makes a decision before the draft or it could get ugly.

Colorado Rockies

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA!!!! What a dumpster fire this franchise is. The GM hates to compete, throw money off a bridge and trade or let his best players go. And then the owner LETS IT HAPPEN WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES. Dick Monfort and Jeff Bridich are absolutely incapable of running the Rockies.

Letting DJ LeMahieu walk is one thing. Trading Arenado is another. But sending cash to the Cardinals and not getting one top 5 prospect out of the Cardinals is downright insulting to the fans and quitting the year before Spring Training.

The Rockies, in return for Nolan and 51mil in cash, received LHP Austin Gomber, INF Mateo Gil, 3B Elehuris Montero, RHP Tony Locey, and RHP Jake Sommers. It seems okay on the surface if you have no idea who is in the Cardinals farm system. LHP Matthew Liberatore, 3B Nolan Gorman, C Andrew Kizner, or 3B Jordan Walker are all ahead of Elehuris Montero on MLB’s prospect list for the Cardinals. All positions that the Rockies either traded for or are in need of are listed with those 4 names. Only time will tell how bad of a fleece job occurred, but those names will be contributing for the Cardinals at some point in the next 3 years.

There isn’t much hope with the Dodgers and Padres looking like World Series contenders. Maybe that is a part of the plan. Let the Padres and Dodgers battle it out for a few years while we rebuild. I mean… I guess that is what will make me sleep at night. The Rockies future is bleak, with truly no light at the end of the tunnel.

Denver Nuggets & Colorado Avalanche

I am going to bunch the two non dumpster fire teams together here because of Xfinity. Xfinity and Altitude haven’t (and looks as though it will never happen) reached an agreement settling the dispute on TELEVISING THE HOME TEAMS! Imagine that. The two best teams in the City are expected to go deep into the playoffs but God forbid the fans get to watch the product. These two teams also share Ball Arena. I would like to get the nickname going… “The Sack”.

Thank god we are in an age where you can find a stream of a game in under 3 minutes. NHL66 is a great website to watch the Avs, and is my personal choice to watch the Nuggs.

The Nuggets are in a predicament and it is less than ideal. Where do they stack up in the gauntlet of the Western Conference? I’d say in that 4–5 seed range given how atrocious the defense is. I really can’t see how this team beats the Lakers after their offseason acquisitions to bolster the depth at PG and PF.

What potential move could change that? Bradley Beal? I vote no to a Beal trade and here is why. The Nuggets are a bad defensive team. Giving up MPJ and picks for Beal helps us none on the defensive side of the ball. HOWEVER… The Nets are trying the “Score more than the opponent” method and unfortunately the Nuggets do not have Kyrie, KD and Harden. That playing style doesn’t seem sustainable but I am just a blogger.

I think the Nuggets just need to ride this season out and throw expectations away. The Lakers and Nets have decided they are going all in. Don’t follow suit this year. There is no reason to chase something that doesn’t seem attainable in the short term.

As for the Avalanche… The Avs just got a bug of the Big C. Corona has struck again and they will be out until Feb 11th. The Big C can’t stop this team from being a wagon. This Avs team is the team fans have wanted to see for the last three years.

There are probably two other contenders in the West to compete with the Avs, but let’s not get it twisted. This team is absolutely built to win the Cup and do so for the next 5 years. Build around Mak, Cale, Landy and Gru and that should be good enough for a top 2 (not 2) seed. There is 1 common goal among the organization and the fan’s, bring home the Cup! No further words need to be spoken on the Avs at the moment.

The two best teams in Denver and half the state can’t even watch em… What a dumpster fire to be a Denver sports fan at the moment.



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